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Just pulled into Yurcak for Sky Blue and Rylie Rampone is currently pulling Reece along the grass by her feet as she cries

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The Who, The What, and The Where of FC Bayern München (Inspired by [x])

We didn’t play our best soccer in Portugal and we came in seventh place and that’s not good enough for this team, At the end of the day, we failed Tom. We didn’t put together a good tournament. That’s how professional sports are. They’re not going to cut 24 players. They’re going to get a new coach. That’s how it goes.
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Sermanni had no idea.
He was told AFTER the win.
Us soccer??? what the fuck???? dick much????

What if they told him before the game and then he played a 0-0-10 formation with Syd in goal and Hope up top, go out with the most epic game in history

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Lmaooo best comment all night
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Lmaooo best comment all night

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yeah, so, I’m gonna need Hope to either add another chapter to that book of hers or go on a full-out twitter rampage and explain this shit. STAT.


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This is some Greg Ryan era nonsense

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You know who is available though….


omfg don’t play

The entire USWNT fanbase (via baby-horse)

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